LinkedIn adds Teammates to help grow professional relationships


According to user data from professional social network LinkedIn, people are 60 per cent more likely to like, comment, share or message co-workers vs any other connection. 95 per cent of working professionals also believe it is a good idea to have friends at work; with 63 per cent saying they have a relationship with co-workers outside of the office. According to a recent study conducted by LinkedIn.

That’s why, as part of ongoing efforts to foster good relationships on the platform and boost its users’ team spirit, LinkedIn is launching ‘Teammates’ – a new feature which highlights posts from people you work with directly.

The new update will be rolled out across the US over the coming months for both desktop and mobile; being extended globally shortly after.

For those who gain access to the new feature, a new ‘Add Teammates’ option will appear next to the ‘My Network’ menu where you can add connections including managers, peers and direct reports. Post from and updates about these users – such as comments, likes, shares, and work anniversaries – will them be prioritised in the main feed.

In addition to ‘Teammates’, LinkedIn has also introduced a suite of new artwork to its co-worker appreciation tool, Kudos, along with the ability to send more personal Kudos via its messaging service.

Just a few months of launching the tool, the social network saw over three million Kudos shares – as users flocked to show their appreciation for friends, co-workers and connections.