LinkedIn brings Elevate to Pages, putting greater focus on employee advocacy


LinkedIn has recently announced that it will be merging the core functionalities of its employee advocacy platform, Elevate into its company Pages globally by December 2020, at which point Elevate will no longer be available as a standalone app.

Currently, Elevate enables businesses to curate unique content, broadcast it to employees, and measure the impact of engagement on their Page. This integration aims to help community managers and Page admins better amplify updates natively; allowing them to build the reputation of their organisation by offering more ways to help employees become brand advocates on the platform.

According to LinkedIn, the move will mean that admins are also able to work more efficiently through their LinkedIn Page.

In a blog post commenting on the new update, LinkedIn said: “This combination will help companies better engage their employees, and build stronger communities in a safe and trusted environment. In fact, when an admin posts on their Page, 30% of the engagement comes from their employees, who are 14X more likely to share that content vs. other content types. And the best part for our Elevate customers is that this functionality will be free of cost.”

“Over the last four years, hundreds of our customers have used Elevate to help their employees be brand advocates. Now we believe the time is right to build on the success of both products and accelerate what’s possible by bringing Elevate and Pages together.”

While Elevate will remain a paid-for tool, LinkedIn has said that it is looking to remove the current tiered pricing structure (based on the number of your staff who require access to the platform) to make it easier for organisations to reach more employees with content prompts.