LinkedIn Elevate to shut down at the end of 2020


Elevate, the employee advocacy app created by LinkedIn in 2015, is set to be cancelled at the end of the year, which will see other employee tools such as Dynamic Signal join the race for the next best thing.

Elevate, has been a LinkedIn standalone product and has allowed organisations to do a range of things such as schedule social media posts, share content with their employees and gain insight into their employee’s engagement with their own connections. From the end of the year it will merge with LinkedIn pages, which the company say ‘will will help companies better engage their employees, and build stronger communities in a safe and trusted environment’.

Despite the app biding farewell, Elevate users will still be able to use some of the tool’s functions in pages, which will be free to use from December. LinkedIn announced in a Marketing Solutions blog post, that these changes were happening earlier this year. They said:

‘We believe the time is right to build on the success of both products and accelerate what’s possible by bringing Elevate and Pages together’.

This combination will help companies better engage their employees and build stronger communities in a safe and trusted environment. In fact, when an admin posts on their page, 30% of the engagement comes from their employees, who are 14X more likely to share that content vs. other content types. And the best part for our Elevate customers is that this functionality will be free of cost’.