A list of CEO blogs


Good CEO blogs (or any CEO blogs for that matter) are few and far between. We recently compiled a list of ones that we like. Have a look, if you like them subscribe to their RSS and let us know any good ones we’ve missed.

Here are some good ones that we like:

Bill Marriot’s blog – The Chairman and CEO of Marriot group has had a blog focusing on his travels around the Marriot empire for a few years which is very popular.

Jonathan Schwartz’ blogs  – Jonathan was the CEO of Sun Microsystems – the technology company that was recently acquired by Oracle. He maintained a very popular blog during his time at the company commenting on industry issues as well as company ones.

Since leaving he has started a personal blog called ‘What I couldn’t say…’ that has some great posts.

Craig Newmark’s blog – Craiglist founder and CEO has kept a blog for much of the time that the company has been going. Very US centric, but a nice mix of company, social and personal here.

George Colony’s blog – George Colony is CEO of analyst house Forrester Research. He doesn’t update his blog that much, but when he does they are often thought provoking posts on all manner of business stories.

The Grocer’s blog – This was Mark Price, CEO of Waitrose’s blog. He started the blog calling it The Chubby Grocer, with the aim of it charting his progress at losing weight in the face of multiple tastings and lots of travel. It was a year-long stint during 2008 and he posted regularly on a range of subjects.