Long live email: Gmail turns 15

Gmail turns 15 years old

The email service developed by Google – Gmail – celebrated its 15th birthday this year.

Take yourself back to 2004 when Gmail started – Britney Spears’ Toxic was topping the charts and the European Union had just welcomed ten new member countries – Cyprus the Czech Republic Estonia Hungary Latvia Lithuania Malta Poland Slovakia and Slovenia.

Gmail was launched and publically announced in April 2004, below is how it originally looked back then…


Gmail in 2004

Back in 2004, email looked a lot different than it does today. Inboxes were overtaken by spam, and there was no easy way to search your inbox or file messages away. Plus, you had to constantly delete emails to stay under the storage limit.

Gmail was created to address these problems and over the past few years has grown to have a whopping 1.5 billion users.

According to Google, Gmail has helped to reduce spam and advanced AI helps block nearly 10 million spam emails every minute.

The company are adding more features to the service, expanding on it’s Smart Compose feature to include more languages. Adding a feature that lets you schedule when your email is sent – which is helpful if you’re working across time zones, or want to avoid interrupting someone’s vacation. Lastly, you can now take action without leaving your inbox. You can respond to a comment thread in Google Docs, browse hotel recommendations and more, directly within emails.