Mercer Study seeks out four talent trends for 2020


Global consulting company Mercer UK have compiled a study looking at the four talent trends of the year that organisations are looking at to help transform and nurture their workplace.The study has been put together with input from over 7,000+ C-suite executives, HR leaders and employees across 34 countries.

Mercer found that due to the events of the Coronavirus, employees focus on their well-being, health and fiance needs are taking centre stage. With 34% of employees worried that their jobs could be replaced every 3 years, HR has also been thrust into the spotlight and Mercer recognises that ’employee purpose and employee engagement are set to be key’ according to Relocate Global.

The four trends identified are:

Focus on Futures

The future is uncertain, but we should work together to create a bight one full of sustainable opportunities.

Race to Upskill

To stay up to date on the latest ways of doing things and having a broad set of skills seems to more in demand now then ever. For companies that make this a firm goal on their agenda, the more chance they have to grow and lead against their competitors.

Sense with Science

While machines may be replacing people in some jobs, there are things that only humans can do to drive business forward. With the two working together, we can create the perfect balance of man and machine production.

Energize the Experience

How can we ensure that our organisations inspire employees to work with them? People strategies will have to be put in place to help retain talented workers and attract new ones.

Download the full report for indepth knowledge, facts and figures here.