Microsoft adds AI features to Word and Excel

Microsoft add AI features to Office 365

Microsoft have added a number of features to the Office 365 suite which will streamline processes and improve knowledge sharing within organisations.

Over the past few years Microsoft has been adding cloud-based artificial intelligence to its popular Office suite. In addition to new AI-focused upgrades to Cortana and Bing, the company also announced several new tools for Word, Excel and Outlook to help individuals and organisations make the most of our of their data, organisational content and more.

Last week, at the Microsoft AI conference, the company announced ‘Office Insights’- machine learning that analyses data from excel spreadsheets to create trend charts and tables.

Micosoft also revealed what could potentially be a very useful tool for internal communicators – ‘Acronyms in Word’ which looks through an organisation’s documents and emails to help find acronyms specific to a business.

‘Tap in Word’ is a new feature that will bring up documents, spreadsheets and presentations without having to leave the document. So, for example, you could include a chart from Excel into your PowerPoint deck without having to search the intranet to find it.

The company also plans to release a tool to help highlight action items in emails via Outlook so you can respond on the go.

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