Microsoft announce plans to be carbon negative by 2030


Tech giant Microsoft has today unveiled one of the most aggressive sustainability strategies in corporate history, promising it will become a ‘carbon negative’ organisation by 2030, including throughout its entire supply chain.

The firm has also promised to remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by 2050 as it has emitted from its operations since its founding in 1975, including emissions associated with its electricity consumption.

In addition, CEO Satya Nadella said Microsoft will launch a $1bn carbon innovation fund to drive development of new carbon reduction and removal technologies.

“The scientific consensus is clear,” said Nadella at a global media event this afternoon. “The world today is confronted with an urgent carbon crisis. If we don’t curb emissions and temperatures continue to climb, science tells us that the results will be devastating.”

“This is the decade for urgent action, for Microsoft and for all of us,” he added. “To take bold steps forwards to address our most pressing challenges.”

Read more about the organisation’s plans in the Microsoft company blog.