Microsoft Teams hits 20 million daily users

Microsoft Teams

Last month, Microsoft announced that its popular collaboration suite, Microsoft Teams has now surpassed 20 million daily active users. The milestone represents an increase of 7 million users since July.

While Microsoft Teams still sits behind Microsoft’s other chat platform Skype for Business in terms of popularity, it is rapidly putting distance between itself and rivals such as Slack (with 12 million daily active users) and Workplace by Facebook, which reported in October that it had reached 3 million subscribers.

Microsoft has also made it clear in the past that Teams will one day usurp Skype for Business, which is due to be retired in 2021, as its primary tool.

While chief rival, Slack hasn’t exactly been idle this past year – having overhauled the underlying technology of its desktop app and introducing a host of new features of admins – news of Microsoft Team’s success led to Slack’s shares falling as much as 10 per cent. A drop which now puts its share price down 18 per cent since its IPO in June.

However, while speculation continues about what exactly is driving this growth – with Slack co-founder and CEO, Stewart Butterfield, recently telling CNBC that Microsoft was “not comparing the same thing when they say ‘daily active user’” – the news only bodes well for Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription productivity bundle, now a core part of today’s Microsoft.

Commenting on the news for VentureBeat, Paul Sawers said: “And therein lies the power of Microsoft. Even if the 20 million Teams figure doesn’t tell the full story, Microsoft’s broader software suite is deeply embedded into office workflows, from Windows and PowerPoint to Excel, SharePoint, and beyond.”