Middle managers distrust social – latest research findings from smilelondon


Two major research projects into internal communications and the digital workplace were revealed at smilelondon on Monday. Watch the interviews here:

Kurt Kragh Sørensen of the Danish consultancy IntraTeam presented the findings of the largest benchmarking exercise yet with over 200 large organisations investing over 2 hours in many cases in filling out an extensive survey on how they use their intranet.

Key findings include:

  • Whereas one in five top managers support the intranet/digital workplace only one in 20 middle managers support the intranet/digital workplace 100%
  • No one rates search on their intranet as being ‘excellent’
  • Increase in investment in the social intranet is expected by a third
  • Very few social intranets involve staff in deciding what might be on their portal or homepage
  • Commenting and liking news items is the most successful innovation of recent times


Michael Silverman of Crowdoscope presented their findings from a social research project they had conducted to find out more about attitudes to who should be running the digital workplace projects in large organisations. The respondents were a mixture of IT, IC and HR folk.

Headlines include:

  • Only 20% think that IC is definitely the right function to be driving the digital workplace
  • The top comment was:”I believe the biggest challenge relates to building and maintaining a relationship with IT to support the infrastructure that’s needed to have an engaging, user-friendly, and beneficial digital workspace. Internal communicators cannot do it alone, IT has to make it a priority to support the technology platforms. Also, IC needs to have an understanding of knowledge management to serve as the business analyst between IT and business users. It’s not just about corporate communications.”