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Interview with Morleys

At a time where analyst reports are awash with figures highlighting the contraction of the retail industry, we were interested to hear how the Morleys Stores Group invested in an employee communications platform, MorSay, to help improve internal communications, innovation and productivity across its sites.

We caught up with the employees from Morley’s flagship store in Wimbledon who rolled out MorSay to hear more about what they’ve been up to and the approach they took to revolutionising internal communications.

The Morleys Stores Group employs around 1,000 people. Until 2018, internal communications was heavily dependent traditional methods of communications including quarterly newsletters and emails. With eight sites based in and around London and with only 200 out of 1,000 people having access to emails, communications down to the shop floor were heavily reliant on department managers and interaction between stores was all but non-existent.

With pressures on the retail sector ever mounting, the team recognised that there was a need to close the internal communications gap between head office and shop floor.

Louise Walker, Learning and Development Manager for the Morleys Group said: ‘it was very difficult to get internal communications messages down to our most important people, those in our stores…it was the Chinese whispers affect and hard to consistently get out the right information. With retail being the way it is, we can’t be underwhelming’.

Having attended an event at which SpeakAp, an employee communications and content platform presented, the team were inspired by the platform’s functionality and the opportunities it presented the business. With the ability to be fully branded and integrated with business-critical tools, SpeakAp provided the solution the team needed.

The team decided to roll-out MorSay one store at a time. The initial trial took place in December one of the most challenging times of year for any retailer. Feedback was gathered a plenty during the trial and it led to several learnings which supported the subsequent launches across the remaining sites.

It was during the planning phase for the roll-out for the second store where the team had a lightbulb moment. With an extremely enthusiastic manager on board, the team made a bold move to switch off all existing channels to encourage people to adopt MorSay.

Since its launch, internal communications effectiveness has increased four-fold. Stores who would have previously never interacted are now sharing ideas, employees are asking questions, seeking out the answers, knowledge of product lines has improved, and employees are responding quicker to changes. It has completely revolutionised internal communications within the Group.

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Practical takeaways

  • Have the right people on board from the start. Have the right team behind you and focus on a shared objective.
  • Make the content relevant.
  • Take the time to stop and reflect at each stage. The ability to constantly review and refine the roll-out will ensure impact is meaningful.
  • Respond to feedback. This will drive engagement and adoption of the platform.

By Lisa Pantelli