How much are UK charities spending on comms?


A new benchmark study by CharityComm has found that the UK’s largest charities spend, on average, more than £700,000 on comms per year – on top of the salaries earned by their increasingly large teams.

The new Communications Benchmark 2017 from the charity sector PR group CharityComm, surveyed comms pros from 273 charities.

The 2008 report found the average size of a charity’s comms team was six. In 2012 it was seven, and for 2017 it is eight. Team sizes vary significantly by charity size – organisations whose income exceeds £30m have an average team of 18.Charities and Digital CommsAdeela Warley, CEO of CharityComms, said of the report: “Unlike the corporate sector, where PR is primarily driven by sales, for charities it’s a key way of delivering our mission. It helps raise awareness of our cause, inform people as part of the service we provide to beneficiaries and persuade influencers such as the media and government to effect positive change.

“Charity communications isn’t just about telling people about the change we make, it’s about making change happen. Our survey shows that more charities are recognising the strategic role of communications and are investing in it to help improve life for millions of people.”

Download the full Benchmark Report on the CharityComms website.