Tech Nation wants to double the number of female & BAME founders by 2020

Tech Nation
Tech Nation


A new diversity in tech initiative aims to double the number of female and BAME founders by 2020.

Women represent just 19% of the digital tech workforce in the UK, as opposed to 49% across all jobs, according to a 2018 report by Tech Nation.

In 2017, just 17% of companies globally had a female founder, a number that hasn’t changed in five years, according to Crunchbase.

For decades, women have not seen people like them leading tech companies, so they don’t think that is a viable option for them. If we are to succeed in remaining one of leading tech nations in the world, we can’t afford to ignore the talents of half the population. We have to build an open and inclusive tech community.

Tech Nation has announced that we are taking steps to shift this dynamic. The Tech Nation consortium, supported by JPMorgan Chase, aims to double the number of female and ethnic minority founders in three London boroughs by 2020.

The consortium is led by Capital Enterprise, London’s startup experts, and includes Your Startup, Your Story (YSYS): a diverse startup community; Diversity VC: the non-profit, founded by volunteers from the tech industry, which is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in venture capital; and Tech Nation: a government-backed organisation that aims to make the UK the best place to imagine, start and grow a digital business. The consortium will set out to address this lack of diversity in London’s tech startups and the community of investors, accelerators and incubators that support them.

Tech Nation plans to launch a high-profile campaign to showcase inspirational stories from under-represented tech founders to illustrate available opportunities in the UK tech startup ecosystem. The consortium hopes to inspire more women and individuals from under-represented communities to consider starting an ambitious tech startup or to seek work and training opportunities in London’s booming tech startup ecosystem. Tech Nation’s goal is to help address one of the top barriers to growth by creating a new pipeline of talent for tech startups.


Reach more about the new initiative via Tech Nation.