New features for Microsoft Teams


This week, Microsoft has unveiled a number of new features for its Teams clients which aim to differentiate its offering from rivals, such as Slack.

The most notably of these new features is a unique Office integration that will allow Teams users to move and share emails and their attachments into a chat channel. From early next year, a new ‘Share to Teams’ button will be added to Outlook, allowing employees to have a private conversation about an email thread or simply share information to multiple co-workers, without the need to send, yet another, group email.

The outlook integration has a been a highly requested feature for some time now, alongside other functionalities such as private channels (which is moving from beta test to all users this week) and pin channels, due to be released later this year.

In addition to the new integration, Microsoft is also adding some productivity-focused improvements to Teams, including a new tasks pane, coming early next year, which will consolidate tasks from Microsoft To Do, Teams channels, Planner and Outlook tasks into a single view.

Teams is also getting the ability to pop out into a separate window. This option, which will be available from early next year, will work for chats, meetings, calls, or documents. The separate windows will also be able to sit side-by-side with other apps and services.

Later this year, Teams will also get new Polls and Surveys features to add to messages or channels; while Microsoft is also planning to bring Yammer integration into Teams. Find out more about Microsoft’s plans for Yammer at this year’s smilelondon.