Communicating Brexit? Use the power of the simplynetwork


For our readers in the UK – and that’s half of you – we are heading fast  towards the deadline that the UK is due to fall out of the European Union and preparations are about as organised as Boris Johnson’s tax returns.

While politicians continue to squabble over the form of Brexit, businesses are looking with increasing alarm at how they are going to manage the impending car crash of disrupted supply chains, uncertain market relations with 27 EU members and a talent drain of non-UK professionals and staff.

The BBC has been leading on stories on how businesses large, medium and small and unprepared for Brexit and that time is running out. Hardly surprising as there are so many variables that come into play depending on whether the outcome is a transition period, a hard Brexit or even a second referendum. All that we can be sure of come  March 29th – the legally-imposed deadline – there is going to be a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt in Great Britain’s large companies and organisation.

Help in the race against time

If you are looking into this abyss and wondering what your communications strategy is going to be in 2019 then perhaps we at simply can offer some help. Our simplynetwork is already being used by some 135 organisations to help them plan their digital workplace.  Now we are using the same platform to create a Group of like-minded professionals to tackle the political challenges of Brexit.

BrexitComms is a private group on the simplynetwork where practitioners can share ideas, war stories, processes and collateral to help each other respond quickly and professionally to the challenges of Brexit.

Marc Wright, founder of simply-communicate explains the purpose of BrexitComms.

Marc Wright“I have dedicated many years to explaining the European Union to the general public. My BBC TV series Inside Europe ran for two years looking at the European institutions  and what they mean for the UK.  I have won awards for my documentaries that took a light-hearted look at the EU and made them accessible to a wide public.

“Now we are collecting communications experts from the worlds of Energy, Manufacturing, Government, Pharma and Food Manufacturing to develop playbooks on what Brexit will mean for employees in those industries.

“These playbooks, articles and events will be available through the simplynetwork, as an added resource available to those UK practitioners that need it. The resource will grow through the first quarter of 2019, driven by the needs of our simplynetwork members.

“If you are interested in finding out more contact me and we can discuss how the BrexitComms group can help your comms planning in 2019.”

The simplynetwork platform is tried and proven with areas to network, ask questions, download toolkits and templates and to chat with others who face the same problems.

Suzie Robinson, Intranet Manager of WSH Group says:

“The simplynetwork is still in its infancy, but it has been helpful already. I’m in a team of one, so being able to ask questions or ask for opinions on topics is not only helpful, but also reassuring and confidence building. It has bloomed over the last couple of months and there are now more topics and comments being posted, which is giving a face to the community that we all know is out there but can be difficult to reach.”

Nazanean Shirani who runs Internal Communications at  Schibsted Marketplaces describes:
“The most valuable thing about simplynetwork is being able to connect with like-minded peers. The member events have also been very useful and the simplynetwork portal is an easy way to find information on best practices, case studies and tool kits.”

Mark Finchham, previously of DS Smith and now Raw Pixel:
‘Knowledge and imagination are where being a member of the simplynetwork benefits me. I only know what I know. Being a member offers me the opportunity to connect with like-minded people…. I can pose questions and tap into the collective knowledge of the members. In my mind I can see what good looks like. My membership offers me the opportunity to attend amazing events where real experts and business suppliers share insights into the future direction of Internal Communications. After attending I can plan for the future safe in the knowledge that my concepts are sound.’

If you want to know more about BrexitComms and how your organisation can join then contact Malin who will be able to give you more details.

Or order your annual subscription by debit or credit card and we will subscribe you immediately into the network.

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