Knowledge Management is one of the hardest tasks facing any large organisation. Even the most successful managers of knowledge such global management consultancy PwC failed to get more than 25% of their staff using their knowledge management tools effectively pre-internet.

Now with the rise of social platforms and technologies large companies finally have the ability to harness the power of crowds inside the heads of their thousands of staff.

The age of social knowledge has arrived. When we asked over 100 large organisations what they wanted from a social or collaborative platform 78% voted for Knowledge Management beyond all the other benefits they expected.

Where social meets knowledge

‘How can practitioners maximise the power of measurement to support the creation of relevant communications?’

This smileguide – sponsored by Knowledge Plaza – looks at how 5 organisations are using social knowledge:

  • International Committee for the Red cross
  • LafargeHolcim
  • MSL Group
  • JoinTheDots
  • KPMG

Read how they have harnessed the power of social to improve their

  • Market Intelligence
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Enterprise collaboration

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