New kid on the block, Threads, helps teams to make decisions at scale

Thread workplace
Thread workplace

Having raised $10.5M in a Series A round led by Sequoia Capital, Threads, a new work platform has emerged from stealth to launch a closed-beta version of its service.

Founded in 2017, Threads is a San Francisco-based company with software “designed to help teams inform, discuss, and make decisions at scale”, by “tapping into the collective wisdom of an entire team”, and thus promising better business outcomes. The concept of the platform is to provide asynchronous, inclusive communication that’s less time-sensitive than other services, creating coherent, elegant narratives out of these conversations, while ensuring people from every level of the company are heard.

“With in-person meetings there is a constant tension between keeping the room small for efficiency and including more people for transparency,” says Sequoia Partner Mike Vernal. “When we first started chatting with the team about what is now Threads, we saw an opportunity to get rid of this false dichotomy by making decision-making both more efficient and more inclusive. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Threads to make work more inclusive.”

Threads Inc. CEO and Co-Founder Rousseau Kazi explains: “We founded Threads because we realized that companies were only tapping into a fraction of their potential… they hire great people, only hear from some, and even fewer are remembered. This doesn’t happen because people are malicious, it happens because our current tools fall apart after a handful of people. The reality is that our tools today make us choose between inclusion and efficiency. Due to this, the quality of work suffers. We created Threads to help growing teams stay informed, have inclusive discussions, and ultimately, make better decisions.”