New Yammer gets public review


Microsoft have shared the new Yammer to the public, showcasing its new functions the organisation has finished putting in place since their announcement at the Microsoft ignite conference last year.

General manager for Yammer and Microsoft 365 Groups Murali Sitaram, took to a blog on the company website to announce that the new Yammer is open to public review. Here he highlighted the redesigned yammer’s integrations and functions that will help further drive employee engagement.

Creating your own polls and questions for your team are among the new features, as well as improved live event and video capabilities, where you can produce and host your own events.

Personalising your own content needs is possible, with an AI powered feed showing you relevant conversations and topics, complete with filters and search options. Users can also stay in the loop with Yammer conversations directly through outlook, meaning you do not need to use different apps; it is now all in one place.

Microsoft O365 admin account holders can deploy the new yammer in public review to their organisation and users can opt-in. The application is available globally and on mobile.

As our platinum partners, Dan Holme from Microsoft joined us at simplyIC live on 21st May to further discuss Yammer and Microsoft O365. He commented that having Yammer integrated into the O365 suite “bought all those superpowers together in one place” allowing seamless communication for all their customers.