‘Oculus for Business’ launches to help enterprises build VR


Oculus wants to help companies VR experiences for their clients and customers. So today it launched “Oculus for Business,” which lets companies buy $900 Oculus Rift bundles in bulk with enterprise-grade warranties, a full VR commercial license, and access to dedicated business customer support.

“VR enhances everything from training and education to marketing, product development, and data visualization—helping you strengthen relationships, tell stories more effectively, and foster business growth. The new Oculus for Business bundle makes it easy for your company to get started with hardware, accessories, dedicated service, and expanded warranty and licensing terms.”

The announcement came from Oculus’ Hugo Barra at the company’s Oculus Connect conference in San Jose. Adapting to enterprises could help boost Oculus Rift sales, and lean on parent company Facebook’s extensive network of business clients.

The $900 Oculus for Business bundles will come with an Oculus Rift, remote, Touch controllers, three sensors for creating room-scale VR, plus extra face pads so businesses can accommodate high volumes of different users.

Oculus for Business Bundle


Early adopters include Audi, which uses the headsets in its dealerships, enabling customers to modify their vehicle’s various options before they buy.

Apple and other companies have had success by pitching to businesses new hardware like iPads. And the strategy could work even better for Oculus. Most people don’t have the cash, space or expertise to build a room-scale VR rig inside their home. It would sit idle most of the time anyway. But a business could much more easily dedicate a VR room, have staff knowledgeable enough to set it up and achieve a constant flow of customers or co-workers to make it all worthwhile.