Outdated tech in the workplace costs companies


A new survey suggests that over 50% of employees reported that their workplace technology was moderately or completely outdated. The research by ZenBusiness surveyed 917 participants to learn about the various difficulties that employees face when they are forced to work with outdated technology or a lack of office supplies.

Another area in the workplace that suffered due to obsolete technology was communication and collaboration. The emergence of user-friendly workplace messaging apps such as Slack can help businesses overcome their communication issues and bring team collaboration into the digital age.

Outdated technology had the biggest effect on productivity, with about 2 in 3 employees indicating it had a major or moderate impact on their ability to do their jobs effectively. For example, poor-quality computers can burden IT with help requests and result in a loss of productivity when employees can’t work due to repairs or maintenance.

More importantly, outdated technology can be detrimental to an office’s security and sensitive data. Old computers aren’t compatible with new software systems or hardware, making them vulnerable to attacks and potential data breaches. Workers who reported being subjected to an environment with outdated cybersecurity were the most likely to say they would look for a new job to eliminate this security risk (40.1%).