In a normal January, organisations would be reviewing reports from the previous year; evaluating profit, sales and engagement, with the latter being especially important for internal communicators.

However, it’s not a normal January!

As our lives changed both professionally and personally in 2020, there was suddenly time to evaluate all aspects of our lives, to slow down and think about what really matters.

In our personal lives, this meant more time to spend with our families, to bake banana bread and do yoga. In our professional lives, this meant creating a work space at home (no matter how small) and focusing on the demands of video calls and virtual conferences, with the help of our company intranets.

Intranets have become an even more important hub for colleagues to collaborate and communicate, sharing news and updates across the business to keep motivation and productivity high.

With so much focus on the digital workplace and the potential for organisations to extend remote working to all colleagues permanently, it’s vital that your intranet is up to date and fit for purpose. The best way to do this is of course, as the title suggests, through an intranet audit.

We’ve put together 5 reasons why you need to undertake an intranet audit.

1. Employee usage is low

A combination of being overwhelmed by spending more time online and already using various other platforms to manage workload means that using the intranet as well might be too much. Employees often access intranets initially to find out about annual leave, benefits or to view their contracts, but perhaps don’t know the best way to use the other functions.

Within an intranet audit, it’s possible to better understand how employees are using the intranet and what for, enabling you to identify where further training, support or focus is needed.

2. Tasks and activities aren’t coordinated

With our day jobs to focus on, tasks and activities aren’t usually at the top of our agendas. However, this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be. Depending on the size of the organisation, at least one person needs to take ownership of this section for an efficient process.

Our Bionic Business report explored this in detail, finding that efficiency is key to identify the optimum channels. Automating certain processes, such as time-consuming admin tasks, leaves more time for fun, creative tasks. Like intranet activities!

3. More knowledge could be shared

Being active on the intranet is great, but there’s a difference between wishing a colleague a happy birthday or sharing a meme, and posting valuable, worthwhile knowledge that each employee can learn something from. This is especially important for new members of staff, particularly if they joined during the pandemic, as it’ll help with the sometimes confusing onboarding process!

This part of the intranet isn’t just for company news — it can also be utilised for building strong communities or bring people together around a shared business idea or goal.

4. Collaboration on projects needs improvement

We recently reported on the latest Yammer updates from Microsoft. Using Yammer alongside your intranet, especially if it’s hosted on SharePoint will boost collaboration and company-wide discussion. Line managers and senior members of staff are increasingly using Yammer to encourage collaboration and engagement with a new initiative or idea.

This kind of trust in your teams will encourage them to ask their own questions and engage in conversation more freely.

5. It hasn’t been done in over a year

Quite simply, an intranet audit is something that should be done every year. So if it hasn’t been done for a while, it makes sense to put it in the diary for 2021. With technology changing so quickly, even more so with the pandemic, plugins and software that run your intranet may have gone out of date.

Software that hasn’t been updated can cause your intranet pages to run slowly or not work at all, which certainly won’t help with our first point! Increase usage, manage GDPR regulations and modernise your intranet with an audit.

If you’re ready to start looking after your intranet, get in touch with us here to speak to one of our consultants. Whilst you wait, click here to read our helpful guide to intranets. Already a member? Read our guide to conducting intranet audits here.



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