Seven personas that reflect the modern workplace


A new trends report has identified seven themes of what employees really feel about work. The report by Sequel Group aims to answer the question How does an employee really feel about their life at work today? The Modern Employee Experience Report from Sequel Group explores the seven most common themes around what it means to be part of a workforce in 2020.

In the report, Internal Communication, Human Resources and IT professionals are given practical data-driven insight to help empower employees and boost engagement.

  • Overwhelmed Oscar is struggling with communication overload
  • Disconnected Diana knows what her company is trying to achieve, but not how she can support those goals
  • Changing Clara wishes her employer would explain why things are always changing
  • Dubious David thinks that bad news is always brushed under the carpet
  • Frustrated Fiona wonders why she has better technology at home than she does at work
  • Isolated Ian says he’s just left to get on with things, as his line manager doesn’t communicate
  • Silent Simon thought his experience would count for something, but no-one is listening to his ideas.

Each chapter includes top-line guidance on how effective internal communication can address these challenges and start to improve employee experience.

Top three takeaways from the report

1. Help employees navigate the communications landscape by cutting through the noise, making sure every message earns its place and every channel has a clear purpose.

2. Give employees more ‘why’ when it comes to change, even if you feel people are going to be concerned or unhappy.

3. Make the most of digital transformation projects by understanding your colleagues’ priorities and building on that knowledge to develop a wider communication plan to raise awareness, build engagement and inspire action.

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