The simply guide to remote working


As we all start to work from home more, while for some remote working will be second nature, for others, it will be a significant culture shift.

Technology plays a critical part in driving great employee communication, wherever your people are based, but how can you make sure your home workers are set-up to succeed?

Here is the simply guide to successful remote working:

  1. Make sure your workspace is fit for work: Clear down, adjust the chair, desk, monitors as you might be here for a while. This is your new office. Fetch the anti-bac/ant-virus wipes and give that keyboard and mouse the once over… better safe than sorry.
  2. Download the latest Teams/Slack/Goto/Zoom software: you’ll be relying on conference tools for the next few weeks to connect with the outside world, colleagues and customers and there’s nothing more frustrating than joining a meeting and being delayed by your software.
  3. Adjust microphone and webcam: Make sure folks can hear and see you beautifully.
  4. Consider a quick tidy up behind you so you can hide your hoarding habits or general sloppiness. Don’t forget Microsoft Teams has a background blur feature for this!
  5. Dress as if you were in the office: You’ll be surprised how this will make you feel in work mode, even when you’re at home but if not…
  6. Dignity jumper and jacket to hand: Oh yea, you’ll need this. The temptation when working from home is to not get dressed at all so have a piece of clothing to hand that you can throw on to at least pretend you made the effort.

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