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  1. Microsoft email server hacks put Biden in a bind

A hack on Microsoft Exchange has been revealed to have potentially affected tens of thousands of organisations, as reported by the BBC.

According to Microsoft, ‘the attackers are state-sponsored and operating out of China.’

The cyberattack was facilitated using stolen passwords and unknown flaws in the email software to hack into company accounts. This follows the SolarWinds attack that affected multiple US Government departments.

Both attacks have left President Biden under pressure to provide an appropriate response and action plan.

  1. Google HR ‘suggested medical leave’ for racism victims

In a blow to the global fight against racism and workplace discrimination, NBC News reported that Google employees in the US were told to take medical leave after reporting racism and sexism to HR.

Rather than address the complaints and support the employees in question, Google asked those involved to seek mental health counselling instead.

Two employees who were fired by the tech giant have spoken out about the change in the way they were treated after campaigning for diversity.

It’s thought that nearly a dozen similar stories have come to light, in an investigation by NBC and reported by the BBC.

  1. ‘Hybrid working will become the norm’

With the Government announcing its roadmap out of lockdown, organisations are beginning to consider what the future world of work is going to look like.

IWG, a global co-working space company with 3,300 offices, has said that a hybrid working arrangement will become the norm post-pandemic.

IWG’s Chief Executive, Mark Dixon, told the BBC that despite a challenging year, the company is ready to make the most of increased demand for office space.

It’s looking good so far, as IWG signed a lucrative three-year contract with Japanese telecoms company, NTT, on Monday.

  1. More than 1m small businesses ‘at risk of collapse’ due to cyber threats

The cybersecurity conversation continues, as City A.M. reported the potential threat to small businesses.

At a time when start-ups and small companies need the most support, research commissioned by Vodafone has revealed that almost a quarter of UK SMEs wouldn’t recover if targeted in a cyber-attack.

The report has called on the UK Government to step up its cybersecurity efforts, to ensure the safety of businesses as they attempt to rebuild the economy post-pandemic.

  1. Remote Generation project launches survey and focus group

The Remote Generation project is run by Eddie Ross, transformation coach and Director of EPR Business Coaching & Consulting, and Larraine Solomon, internal comms expert and Director of Inspiring Conversations.

The aim of the project, which is centred around a focus group, is to find out about how young workers – the leaders of tomorrow – feel about remote working, when many of them haven’t met their colleagues in real life.

Now that coffee break conversations have been replaced by Teams calls, what is the impact going to be on traditional corporate culture?

Have your say on remote working and share the survey with others, ahead of an upcoming webinar.

6. New AI tech makes news and entertainment accessible for those with sight loss

Designed for people living with sight loss and blindness, In Your Pocket is a fully voice-controlled mobile phone created by RealSAM.

Not only can users hear their messages and make calls, they can also listen to news articles and books with a touch of a button.

There are over 100,000 talking books, 200 newspapers and magazines and thousands of podcasts available.

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