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  1. Glint report shows employees are bearing up, but nerves are frayed 

People success platform, Glint, has released its latest data insights report that reveals that workers are happier at work at the end of 2020 than at the end of 2019. However, feelings of burnout rose by nearly 4% between August and December 2020.

Surprisingly, due to the pressure on frontline staff to continue working, retail staff came out on top as the happiest and least burned out whilst manufacturing employees were found to be the most.

The levels of burnout are worryingly high, despite employee resilience.

  1. Uber gift cards, Graze boxes, and Headspace subscriptions – the new ‘remote’ work perks you can expect to see on a job description this year

The way we search for a job is changing – like everything else – as traditional ‘work perks’ such as car allowance, gym memberships, subsidised lunches and social events are no longer relevant for remote workers.

87% of white-collar roles placed by recruitment company, Walters People, have been onboarded completely remotely since the beginning of the pandemic.

Going forward, we’re expecting to see remote perks such as Uber gift cards, healthy snack boxes and Headspace subscriptions added to job descriptions.

  1. Women are job jumping more frequently than men and ever before, new research reveals.

An in-depth study by SmartSurvey analysed government data to reveal the ages, genders, locations and industries which are changing jobs the most.

As the headline suggests, women come out on top, with 5.6% of women changing jobs compared to 5.3% of men.

Men who changed jobs were more likely to receive a pay increase, which may explain the reason why women are changing jobs more frequently – it takes longer for them to reach the same salary, so several moves are necessary to get there.

You can check out the full research here.

  1. Spy pixels in emails have become endemic

With cybersecurity on our agenda this week, especially since our TechShowcase on the 4thof March with Templar Executives, the full scale threat of cyber-attacks is coming to light.

As reported by the BBC, a review from Hey, a premium email service, revealed that many big brands such as Marks & Spencer and ASOS use ‘tracking pixels’ in their emails.

Claimed by the brands to be a standard marketing tactic that enables the gathering of data such as when and where an email was opened, spy pixels are not visible to the naked eye and as such, appear to be a breach of privacy.   

  1. No more fomo: top firms turn to VR to liven up meetings 

The Guardian reported that the rise in virtual reality (VR), is expected to be a big thing for organisations in 2021 as bosses prepare for the launch of new hybrid working practices.

Accounting giant PwC is tackling Zoom fatigue by investing in virtual reality headsets that allow its employees to enjoy video calls in exotic locations – all without leaving their living rooms.

Nick South from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) said: “What’s interesting is you’ve had a bunch of technologies around to enable remote working for quite a while. It took this mass shift to remote work in general for firms to say ‘Oh, actually, let’s try and apply it at scale’.” 

  1. Facebook and Google ‘too powerful’ says watchdog boss 

Tech giants Facebook and Google are living up to that label as they are known to dominate 80% of the UK’s £14bn digital advertising market.

The BBC said that The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is hoping to bring about changes to regulations that govern market share.

As internal communicators use both platforms for their work, it’s important to be aware of the economic impact these companies are having and start conversations to encourage increased diversity.

  1. Burnout Britain: The effects of the Glorification of Grind Culture

Following on from Glint’s report on Burnout, Delamere has joined the conversation to bring awareness to the issues around promoting #grind culture.

It’s broadly thought that working longer hours and ‘dedicating ourselves’ to our jobs equals success – in the form of a higher salary, promotion or fancy title.

However, the true cost of this trend has been revealed by Delamere, in particular within the field of Information and Communication, which scored 2.87 out of 4 for burnout potential.

Check out the research in full here.

  1. Karian and Box releases the most comprehensive study of UK employees’ communications and engagement preferences

The headline says it all – the IC UK 2021 report focuses on employees, rather than internal communication practitioners.

With 900,000 employees taking part in the research, the report is sure to be a catalyst for improved engagement and valuable insight into how your remote-workers (and otherwise) are feeling.

Click here to download the full report. 

  1. Bigger, Better, Bolder Internal Comms: Staffbase and Bananatag Are Teaming Up

Staffbase, a company that connects non-desk based workers with the wider team, is joining Bananatag, a successful internal communications platform.

Together, the respective teams plan to take the internal comms world by storm – ‘making work easier, faster, and more meaningful for thousands of communication professionals from around the world.’

Announced on March 4th, we’re not sure when the new app will be available, but it’s thought to be a ‘one-stop shop internal communications software.’ Want to know more? Read the press releases from Bananatag and Staffbase.


Laura Riaz

Laura Riaz is simply’s content creator. With a strong background in copywriting and social media management, she thoroughly enjoys writing about the wonders of internal comms.

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