simplypresents: LumApps webinar- Introducing a future-proof Intranet- 21st April 2020


Since CV19 tightened its grasp across Europe, the demand for digital tools has skyrocketed. Intranets and digital employee communication tools have quickly demonstrated their capabilities as a vital tool for maintaining critical business operations. Early figures suggest the adoption of newly introduced enterprise communication platforms have increased by up to 800%.

The recent epidemic is undoubtedly a live lesson in rapid implementation and organisational resilience.

As businesses rapidly seek to introduce new technology, digital internal communication programmes have been accelerated by years. Organisations are seeking solutions to problems they never quite realised they have or trying to find solutions to something they’ve never experienced before.

For those who are rapidly introducing new platforms, or need to readjust your internal communication and digital workplace strategy, to meet the fast-moving needs of the outside world, what do you need to consider? How can you make sure you reach everyone?

In this webinar, we’ve partnered with LumApps and their Implementation consultant team lead Justin Pociask to explore:

  • What needs to be in place to ensure you can adapt your internal communications to the situation?
  • How can you introduce a platform which ensures your frontline workers feel connected?
  • How you can drive engagement with the platform – and across teams – wherever they are based?
  • What does an agile digital workplace look and feel like and what needs to be in place?

If a hospital can be built in two weeks, you should expect to have a fully functional intranet ready to use in days.

The webinar starts at 2:00pm and finishes at 3:00pm. To book your FREE place, click here.