Want to apply to become a simplyspeaker?

We want to hear from you!

Simply communicate is a leading voice in the internal digital technology sector. We are the link between great people, great technology and great communications.

We run several events throughout the year, as well as two flagship conferences.

If you have an interesting or unique view on the work of digital communications, whether it’s to do with technology, people or communications – and would like to be considered as a speaker or as a workshop partner – we’d love to hear from you.


simplyIC is Europe’s premier festival for internal communications and engagement. Taking place over two days, attendees choose their journey by joining one of three streams which have been carefully curated by prominent figures in our community. Delegates from across the globe have access to best practice, learn new skills and can network with the brightest minds and leading thinkers in internal communications, employee engagement and corporate communications. 

Our 2020 event will offer three streams across content, change and technology. If you’re a subject matter expert on one of these and what you have to say is relevant to communications professionals, and you have ideas on how to support our attendees with knowledge and skills they can apply in their own roles, we want to hear from you! 


simplysummit is an annual meeting of up to 500 mid and senior-level specialists across Internal communications, digital HR, IT and corporate communications. It is specifically tailored for those who have, or believe they have a part to play in an organisation’s digital transformation. It is designed to really challenge existing thinking and introduce attendees to new concepts or ideas which turn their daily world on their head. 

If you are challenging the way businesses and people currently operate, or have a unique or different perspective on anything to do with the workplace and/ or communications – please get in touch! We want our attendees to come away feeling exhilarated and challenged with the seed of how different things might be in the future. 


Taking place over half or a full day, attendees to our workshop expect to come away with practical learning which they can apply within their organisations or role. Topics can be broad ranging but will be relevant to those working across internal communications, digital transformation or culture. 

If you’re skilled at bringing a group together to learn, share ideas and able to provide practical takeaways to support their CPD – you may be the perfect workshop partner for us. 

To find out more please get in touch with or complete the Call for speaker application form here

simplycommunicate speaker guidelines

We are regularly seeking experts who can share their expertise and experiences at our events. We are looking for people who share our passion for helping those of us working in the digital communications space to learn and grow to help bring out the best in people and technology combined. 

Our events are wide reaching with attendees coming from across the globe. 

Here are our tips for what makes a great simplyspeaker: 

  1. Leave the sales pitch in the office: no one wants to attend an event where they feel they are listening to a sales pitch. That is not the purpose of our events. Think about how you will help others in the room to think differently, try something new or help solve a problem they’ve been trying to work through. 
  2. Simplify your application: we don’t always know our speakers so don’t assume we know all about you and your background. Make your presentation description easy to understand. Clearly outline what’s in it for your audience, but also what you’re interested in getting out of it. We’re always happy to help if we can. 
  3. Be part of the solution: our delegates come to our events for many reasons, but ultimately, they want to hear from the best and they want to take something away that they can use. Consider how you may facilitate this and whether you can incorporate any interaction into your presentation to help us understand the value of your session. 
  4. Give us something new. We monitor submissions for speakers repurposing content from other events. Please don’t provide us with something you’ve presented at a similar event before. 
  5. Be yourself: we know speaking in front of a crowded room can be daunting, but we’re a supportive community and we’re interested in your story and who you are. Through your submission (and your involvement!) bring your personality with you.