Skype builds out its messaging capabilities in latest update

Skype updates

While Skype has become best known for its video chat functionality, the platform last week announced a series of new upgrades to help bring its slightly underdeveloped messaging feature up-to-speed.

Among the series of updates, the most useful is the new Message Drafts feature, which works in a similar way to sending an email. Any message typed but not sent will be saved within the conversation with a ‘draft’ tag attached, so that users can return to the message and send it later.

In another email inspired feature, Skype has also now added the ability to ‘Bookmark’ important messages, so that they’re easy to retrieve at a later date. To access this option, users simply have to long-press a message (on mobile) or right-click (on desktop), then tap or click ‘Add Bookmark’.

When it comes to the content users are sending via the messaging function, Skype has made some improvements there too. Users will now be able to preview photos, videos and files before sending then, and photos and videos shared in large quantities will be neatly organised into groups, rather than being shared as a thread of individual messages