Skype tries to compete with teams via a tweet


Skype took to twitter last week to remind us that they are easy to use for video calling, so easy in fact you don’t even need an account!

Perhaps with all the news surrounding Zoom and Microsoft teams at current, Skype may be feeling a little left out. Last week they posted on twitter to inform the public that they only need to use the web to start a video call, no account or another downloaded app need to assist in this case, with their feature Meet Now. Meet now allows you to set up a call that generates a link, that can be sent out to whoever you wish and they don’t need to sign up to anything to join you.

With zoom recently in the spotlight due to backlash over their privacy and security failings, this good be a good time for Skype to get in on the action. But with Skype for business bowing out in 2021, could this be a quick way to draw people in to keep the consumer side in line with competitors?

Skype for business users have been recommended to switch to Microsoft teams, which could prove to be a test for Skype’s developments. Microsoft teams appears to be the collaboration tool to have regardless if its for professional or personal use, as they announced that at the end of the year they will have a consumer version of teams, a place where you can connect with friends and family.

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Currently we are using teams to collaborate and communicate with our community- if you would like to learn more about MS teams, we are holding weekly training sessions, click here for details.