Slack opens new data residency and introduces Dark Mode to desktop

slack dark mode

Since Slack is based in the US, it’s only natural that, to-date, the majority of its data has been stored there too.

However, as users in highly regulated areas – such as financial services, healthcare and the public sector – continue to make organisational changes to comply with GDPR and other data protection requirements, Slack has announced a new data residency feature to help meet these needs.

When the new option launches late this year, Slack users around the world will be given more control over where their data is stored, helping them meet regulatory criteria, such as having their data stored in the country where they operate.

Germany – more specifically, Frankfurt – will be the first data region available outside of the US once the feature launches, though the company plans to add more regions in the near future.

In addition to new customers being given their choice of location, existing Slack customers will also be able to move either their organisation and-or team’s data to a new residency region, once the feature goes live.

Slack has also announced that, in another feature update, it is bringing Dark Mode to its desktop application. The update comes complete with variants of the software’s existing sidebar themes.

Commenting on the introduction of Dark Mode, Slack’s accessibility product manager, George Zamfir said: “Dark Mode is an important feature for lots of people. It’s helpful for working at night or in low-light, and we know many need it for accessibility reasons like visual impairments, migraines or other visual disorders.”