Slack adds function to streamline internal comms


Slack has launched a new tool designed to help streamline routine functions in internal communications and remove productivity roadblocks for IC professionals – such as chasing for updates and getting new teammates up-to-speed.

Workflow Builder, which launched last week, is a brand-new visual tool that allows any Slack user to create custom digital workflows (sequential tasks that make up everyday processes within teams) to automate routine functions.

Users new to the tool will be given the option to download and import one of the pre-built workflow templates, which can be either used directly or edited to fit the individual team’s needs. More experienced users can create their own workflows in just a few minutes, to help address tasks such as:

  • Standardising how you collect requests from your team
  • Reporting any outage in real time
  • Getting new team members up to speed with welcome messages

The best bit? When new joiners come onto a project and join the Workflow, they can automatically be sent the resources they need to get caught up, without the need to individually find and share documents.

Check out the launch video below for more info.

Discover more about Slack’s new Workflow Builder, here.