smileguide 16: Engagement on the Move


Employee apps have become the new must-have tool for Internal Communications and engagement. In our new smileguide: Engagement on the Move you will discover how an internal communications app can become your most valued channel in building employee engagement.

If your employees have the information they need to make informed decisions, if they can see that the work they do is aligned with business goals, if they are recognised for their achievements and feel good about what they do at work, you will see tangible business benefits.

Changing landscape

It is no surprise that alongside the rapidly developing technology landscape, workforce models have changed too with an increasing reliance on a non-permanent, on-demand and agile workforce fit to bring the dexterity needed to remain competitive in the fast-changing digital world.

What is more surprising, perhaps, is that we have generally been slow to address the communication needs of this increasingly disconnected, diverse and distributed workforce, relying instead on outdated workforce models that favour a permanent and desk-based staff. Now is the right time to get on top of the employee engagement agenda and recognise that the Millennials (who make up the majority of the workforce) and Gen Z behind them, expect information to be fast, interactive and accessible from anywhere.

There is no getting away from it: the future of business is a networked one and employers who recognise the distinct advantages of embracing social and emerging technologies will thrive.

Harness the power of smartphones

Brought to life with real case study examples and packed with evidence, this smileguide, which is sponsored by Staffbase, will explain the thinking behind using an employee app, harnessing the power and ubiquity of smartphones today. It will give you the confidence to ask the right questions and understand the dos and don’ts of engagement on the move.

Sign up to join us at our live webinar on March 17th where we will be talking to Martin Bohringer of Staffbase to find out how to go about setting up your own branded employee app, and we will send you a free smileguide.