Up until recently, these moments, including events, anniversaries, announcements and internal campaigns, were rather top-down, with the organization setting the agenda, coming up with the content and messages and deciding who should be invited to take part and contribute.

But now enterprise social networking has shifted this paradigm. Agendas are co-created giving not only participants but also their stakeholders the opportunity to highlight issues important to them and to explore angles and topics the organisers of the moment might not have been aware of.

The same applies to content and messages. One of ESNs’ advantages is that they can be populated with content well before an event to get the discussion going, stimulate thoughts and attract feedback. It is an effective way of “warming up” the audience that not only helps to prolong the life and intensify the impact of a corporate moment, it also contributes to reducing costs and making face-to-face gatherings more productive.

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