Thinking of going Mobile First?


Are you looking to use a mobile first platform to get to those hard-to-reach staff? But confused by the range of features the different platforms boast? And should it replace or integrate with your existing intranet?

At simply we are preparing a free guide to Mobile First and how you can shortlist the technology that best suits your organisation and audiences. So we want to know what you are looking for: do you want it accessible on any smartphone; do you want it personalised to your audience’s function, location or job; do you want it to replace or enhance your intranet?

Just fill in this short questionnaire and reserve your free smileguide: “Which Mobile First Communications Platform” to help you get all your staff communicating and collaborating wherever they are.

Thanks to the generosity of our smilexpo sponsors we are giving away VIP passes to the first 6 organisations who complete this survey. Prizes worth £345!

Fill in the 5 min survey