Tips for Collaboration Success

In our new, free smileguide we lift the lid on one of the significant challenges organisations face today: How do you make your workforce more connected, productive and happy? How do you help them collaborate?

tips for collaboration success

Collaboration is one of the hottest topics in the workplace right now and with plenty of technology solutions available, it can be hard not to be swayed by the latest must-have app.

In this latest smileguide: Tips for Collaboration Success we look at what we mean by collaboration, why it is a key success factor in digital workplaces, the benefits it brings to the organisation and how the right technology supports, and can help to boost, collaborative behaviour.

Keep it simple

Having too many ways to collaborate can confuse the picture and the rapid adoption of multiple, often unsupported, stand-alone social tools has perpetuated one of the biggest frustrations in the enterprise, namely that there is little or no integration between these tools, information resides in silos making search ineffective with no centralised single experience. The resulting confusion of what tool to use when, and where to find what has, over time, created the friction these tools were designed to negate. Getting the technology right can help to boost collaborative behaviour and this decision sits at the heart of today’s successful digital workplace.

Collaboration can improve employee productivity, empower employees, enhance motivation and sharpen competitive edge. For many that could be the difference between success and failure.

As always this smileguide, which is sponsored by Beezy, is packed with case study examples, advice and tips to help you cut through the noise to understand exactly what a successful collaborative organisation looks like and how to choose the technology that supports the way your people work. You will find out how to bring out the best in your organisation, how to make it easy to communicate across the entire business and how to get your people to join in the conversation.

Watch the recording of our live webinar that took place on May 12th where we spoke to David Fletcher of Beezy to find out how to make sure you get the right collaboration solution – and read the smileguide here: smileguide_17