TouchNote survey reveals a rise in traditional comms


TouchNote commissioned a survey with an Oxford University academic on people’s relationships, how they communicate and the impact social media has on them.  

The survey was completed by 2,000 UK adults and produced some very interesting results around traditional methods of communication and social media. TouchNote is an app that users can use to make and send personalised cards straight from your phone, bringing together a nice balance of traditional and modern communication. Working with Dr Anna Machin, one of the UK’s leading evolutionary anthropologists from Oxford university, the team were able to look closely at the relationships between younger people and their senior relatives.  

Covid-19 has the whole world in lockdown, which may be a new type of feeling for most, but for the elderly, according to the report, this can feel normal. While we still have social media to connect us with others, new research shows that nearly 60% of younger people think that social channels exclude our elders. Surprisingly, the research also revealed that there is a shift in the way people want to communicate, where 66% of people think that a personalised card or writing a letter is the most meaningful way of communication with those we care about. Dr Machin explains why this form of communication can impact our mental health positively and kick start interactions with our nearest and dearest.  

She explainedBy using social media too much, we deny the brain the positive neurochemicals released through meaningful communication and that is why we begin to suffer’. 

‘What’s happening today with Covid-19 makes us realize what’s really important, and that’s family and friends. It’s also changing our attitude to the elderly, which is a good thing.  All of us are more aware of the older generation and those living near us who may need help. Hopefully this new era of caring will stay and gradually help older people to feel more included. Letters and cards are playing a key part in the new world we live in – and that’s no bad thing’. 

To find out more about the survey and results, you can watch the video by TouchNote below:

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