Vevox Launches Anonymous Quizzing Tool For Businesses


A new anonymous workplace quizzing tool has been launched by live polling app technology company Vevox.

Vevox, formerly known as Meetoo, is an employee engagement app company, based in Liphook in Hampshire. The company develops a polling and discussion app that increases engagement and participation at meetings, in classes and at conferences or events.

The platform enables presenters who want to increase engagement in meetings to ask questions, and gauge overall knowledge or awareness levels, with the anonymised results instantly shown to the audience on a big screen. It also provides participants with access to their individual scores via the app on their mobile or computer screen.

According to research commissioned by the firm, more than a third (35%) of employees have felt publicly embarrassed while taking part in a workplace quiz, while 60% have been left feeling deflated or disappointed, after being named and shamed in the traditional point scoring process, according to a recent employee study commissioned by Vevox.

“We know that the majority of people love taking part in a quiz, with more than a third (38%) of employees saying it makes meetings more engaging but often the results part of the process can frequently have a negative impact on the workforce.” said Pete Eyre, managing director, Vevox.

The anonymous quizzing feature has been developed to help relieve this problem, with no participants being named or shamed in front of their colleagues, Yet a personalised screen is sent back to each participant’s mobile to let them know how they are doing, further encouraging participation and giving each person a sense of how they are performing compared to their colleagues while also feeding the overall information back to the presenter.

“One of the great benefits for meeting organisers when using this feature is that not only is it great for gauging understanding but it’s great fun. With many already suffering Zoom/video call fatigue in the current climate, we’ve see huge uptake for online team building ‘pub quizzes’.” added Eyre.

The new feature is now available free of charge to all new and existing users of the Vevox app. Anyone using the new feature would simply set up the core app in the usual way to run the presentation and just click a button at the appropriate time to show the latest leaderboard on the screen.

The app’s anonymity also enables the businesses to gather useful overall data of a meeting for analysis purposes, without having to be concerned about issues around data protection and GDPR.

Find out more about Vevox here.