Watch Larraine Solomon of Monster Worldwide on launching their digital workplace intranet


Larraine Solomon, now Head of Communication and Engagement at Monster Worldwide, is no stranger to the smilelondon stage, but always offers good value and bags of wisdom with a light touch and a big smile. This week was no exception, and it was great to hear from her now that M-Space, the new social intranet at Monster, has been up and running since July this year. Monster thought about the business problems they wanted to solve before they went out to select a suitable vendor. They had four key things on their social intranet shopping list: to be able to collaborate globally; they wanted personalisation; document management and AI. It was a project that simply consulted on and, after assessing various market options, they chose to go with Beezy. It took just six months from start to launch and has been a great collaborative effort both between Monster and Beezy, and within the company. Change Makers and Community Managers were all volunteers and their success mostly comes from user generated content, rather than the corporate curated content.


Larraine has really pushed to not duplicate on email: this has been extremely effective, for example, as a perk, all staff are to be given Christmas Eve off. This was only announced on M-Space and got great levels of engagement: a staggering 1666 out of 2000 users. Even the most senior leaders are forced to engage with the platform – their agendas for executive meetings are now only in M-Space. In this way, they are seeing behaviours change surprisingly swiftly at Monster. Perhaps some of the best received wisdom of the day came from Larraine: “Go where the energy lies, where people are natural users. Don’t stress about the people who are reluctant. They will gradually come on board if the platform works in the organisation.”

Practical take aways:

  • Establish a user support community so that people solve most problems amongst themselves.
  • Get buy in by talking about business issues on the site and not duplicating information on email.
  • Manage expectations around your bot. They are not like Alexa or Siri at the start. They are like babies and need training and time to grow up. Keep their scope narrow.

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