Which UK cities get the best 4G signal?


New research has found that mobile phone customers in the north east of England have the best chance of getting a 4G mobile phone signal.

Which? and OpenSignal analysed over 500m data readings, taken from over 30,000 users of the OpenSignal app, revealed that phone users in Middlesbrough were able to access a 4G signal 82.7% of the time. That meant it came first in the rankings of 4G availability across 20 of the biggest cities in the UK.

Rank City Average 4G availability:

1. Middlesbrough 82.7%

2. Sheffield 79.3%

3. Sunderland 79%

4. Leicester 78.6%

5. Leeds 78.2%

6. Liverpool 78.1%

7. Newcastle 77.9%

8. Birmingham 77.5%

9. Glasgow 77.5%

10. Edinburgh 77%

11. Bristol 75.9%

12. Manchester 75.3%

13. Brighton 75.2%

14. Coventry 74.8%

15. Stoke-on-Trent 74.3%

16. London 73.6%

17. Nottingham 73.3%

18. Cardiff 71.8%

19. Southampton 69.6%

20. Bournemouth 67.5%

Sheffield came second in the rankings, with residents able to access 4G 79.3% of the time, and Sunderland was third.

Surprisingly, London only came 16th while phone users in Bournemouth had the least chance of getting a 4G phone signal of the 20 cities analysed, only able to access the faster speeds it offers 67.5% of the time. However, residents of all 20 cities enjoy a better 4G experience than the UK population as a whole. Poorer coverage in more rural areas means that the average UK phone user can only access 4G 65.1% of the time.

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