Why internal communications should care about service design

Service Design cartoon

Do your senior managers use words like customer centric, agile, lean, design thinking or service design?

If so, your organisation might be slowly drifting towards a way of working that is more employee centric and values ideas from staff more. And that, my friend, means a great opportunity for your enterprise social network and internal communications.

But where is internal comms?

Unfortunately I’m not seeing much internal communications involvement in these types of change projects/programmes. I know this because I work as part of these programmes (I visualise strategies and employee stories). When I ask consultants or managers who have hired me as their “comms support” where is internal comms they often say things like “they would slow us down” or “they don’t understand what we do”.

What these consultants and managers don’t know is that increasingly internal communications people are managing a tool that can help them achieve their goals. The tool is your enterprise social network.

Why enterprise social networks matter?

These customer centric, design thinking agile consultants and managers want to co-create new solutions with staff, they want to know where things get stuck, what sucks, and how to make things better. And they want this kind of thinking to become a routine way of operating. Clunky hierarchical communication tools like email don’t really work in this kind of world.

So when you next hear the words I listed above – investigate! See what they are trying to do and ask if an enterprise social network could help.

As my job is to explain things visually, here is a cartoon infographic on what service design is. Service design draws from design thinking and aspects of this approach can be found in many, if not most, attempts to be customer centric. Imagine if internal communications could facilitate parts of this process?

By Virpi Oinonen
Virpi is a London based cartoonist and storyteller. When not explaining the world through cartoons (go to www.businessillustrator.com/blog to find more visual explanations), she works as part of internal change programmes focusing on business transformation.
Like the infographic? You can download it here: http://www.businessillustrator.com/download-service-design-cartoon-infographic/



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