WordPress parent company launches collaboration platform – Happy Tools

Happy Tools
Happy Tools

The company behind WordPress.com – Automattic – is launching a new set of products called Happy Tools aimed at companies with remote or globally distributed employees.

The first Happy Tools product is Happy Schedule, a calendar-based time management app designed to help manage employees’ schedules and tackle support queries from across the organisation.

Automattic built the tools for themselves to tackle the problems of operating in a modern, distributed workforce. The company itself has 850 employees across 68 countries and is part of a growing number of companies that operate remotely.

Later this year, Automattic will begin adding other products to the mix, including a customer chat tool that will feature integrations with Happy Schedule.

“Beyond that, we’ll look at other applications Automattic has already built to help with team communication, people-management, and customer support,” Happy Tools’ product lead Matt Wondra told VentureBeat in a recent article.

“We believe the future of work is distributed, so we set out to create applications and services that will help companies work smarter in managing internal communication, projects, and flexible time — wherever they’re located,” Automattic cofounder and CEO Matt Mullenweg added.