Workplace by Facebook announced as Gold Sponsor for smileexpo 2017


Facebook’s enterprise social network, Workplace, was announced today as the Gold Sponsor of simply communicate’s smileexpo event on May 23rd.

The announcement comes at a time when Workplace is ramping up its presence in the digital workplace space – a preserve dominated currently by Microsoft’s O365 products such as SharePoint and Yammer.

Workplace by Facebook will be the subject of the opening plenary session of smileexpo which attracts an audience of 150+ internal communication professionals from Europe’s largest organisations.

“We are delighted to have Workplace as our Gold Sponsor,” says Marc Wright, founder of simply communicate. “It reminds us of 5 years ago when we started the smile events and Yammer was our lead sponsor. The Microsoft tool has come to dominate the collaboration scene so it is great to see Facebook coming in with their huge experience in developing communities and delivering an intuitive and frictionless user experience.”

The opening plenary at smileexpo will be an opportunity for comms professionals to ask the burning questions about Facebook’s enterprise offering – in particular the security of data and integration with other enterprise applications.

As well as headlining the event, delegates will be able to get a view from an internal comms expert, who has implemented Workplace. In a dedicated workshop Nick Crawford will describe the development of Danone’s collaborative platform using Workplace. “When Danone said they wanted to achieve 80% adoption within 6 months we though ‘Good luck with that!’; but the beauty of Workplace is that most employees know how to use it already and so we achieved those adoption rates very quickly post launch.”

To celebrate Workplace’s involvement we are giving away 12 free tickets (worth £345) to companies that are looking at adopting a new collaborative intranet.  Just apply for your ticket and we will confirm your place.

workplace offer for smileexpo