Workplace by Facebook hits 3m paying users


Earlier this month at Flock, Facebook’s annual Workplace user conference, the company announced that its enterprise tool, Workplace by Facebook has now passed three million paying users – adding one million new users in the last eight months alone.

Along with this announcement, Facebook also revealed that it is looking to capitalise on the growing focus on video to help differentiate its experience and use cases for the product, from that of competitors such as Slack.

The highlight of this greater push into video comes in the form of a special app that can be used on the Portal, Facebook’s video screen, which aims to offer businesses a more cost-effective video conferencing alternative to more expensive options already on the market.

In addition to the app launch, Workplace’s existing video features will also be getting an upgrade. New features include: captioning at the bottom of videos; auto-translating starting with 14 languages; and a new P2P architecture that will speed up video transmission.

Workplace is also adding in a host of other features to expand the use cases for the product beyond basic chatting:

  • Workplace is now offering a way for HR to add onboarding teaching and videos into Workplace for new employees or new services at the company. However, there are no plans right now to expand this to educational content.
  • People who do not use company email addresses will now be able to create accounts using generated codes.
  • Those admins that are trying to track how well Workplace is actually working for them will also be able to track engagement and other metrics on the platform.