Zoom in, Zone Out?

10 things we have learnt from changing working practices

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Internal Communications: Changing Strategy eBook

In 2020, entire businesses were encouraged to rethink their working practices. However, despite many organisations seeing this as a welcome, and long-overdue shift, there wasn’t exactly a rulebook for the process, until now?

Time has passed since the Covid-19 crisis hit us. We now have the benefit of reflection upon what worked and didn’t during the initial period, likewise, a new standard is becoming clear.

In this new, free eBook from simplycommunicate, you’ll find a compiled series of case studies, learnings and considerations to help you continue to successfully pivot into a globally new way of working and communicating.

Learn about:

  • The top 10 things changing working practices taught internal communicators.
  • When businesses are really planning on returning to the workplace.
  • What other IC professionals, IT specialists and Leaders are thinking and saying.
  • How other businesses are making the transition and handling subsequent obstacles.
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We will also be introducing you to the core principles which underpin simply’s Bionic Business research; the 5 E’s.

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